Ford Blue Service

Ford Blue Service Exceeding Expectation

Ford BlueService is all about giving you more than you expect. This is why our Ford BlueService is specially designed to keep your car in great condition and give you peace-of-mind motoring. Carried out as per manufacturer’s guidelines, our service includes a range of benefits that will not be beaten on price.

The main benefits of the Ford BlueService are:
Free Roadside Assistance 
One year Pan-European, 24/7, Roadside Assistance with every Ford BlueService.
Free Ford Vehicle Health Check
A free health check of your Ford is performed with modern electronic equipment. A detailed report will show if anything needs attention. It is to your benefit to ask your service advisor to carry out this important check.
Free Car Wash & Windscreen Detergent
We will provide you with a FREE vehicle wash, and windscreen detergent, so that your Ford looks as good as it performs after your visit to us.
Transparent and Simplified Service Prices
Whether its service or repairs, your Ford Dealer provides great value offers for Ford vehicles to keep you moving.

Service Pricing

Ka, Fiesta, Fusion, B Max Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max Kuga, Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy
€160 €170 €175



The type of work carried out in a Ford Blue service typically depends on the model you’re driving. Whilst there are many different types of service procedures involved, most petrol and diesel cars will have the oil filter, engine oil and cabin filter replaced during a standard service. The technician will also undertake 40 point check including a full eclectronic health check of your car, which looks at lights, fluid levels, tyres, suspension, brakes, and much more. An electronic print-out of the check will provide you with a clear assessment of your car’s safety and to point out any items requiring urgent attention. Using the latest Ford computerised diagnostic equipment; the technician will also check for any outstanding software updates or technical enhancements required for your car and carry these out for free. In some instances, your car may be due a full or major service. 

This service is required less often than a standard service and typically takes longer to conduct. It requires additional service actions to be undertaken, and additional parts to be fitted, by the Ford Service Centre. Similar to the standard BlueService, the Ford technician will undertake a health check of the vehicle. However, the check is usually more comprehensive and may include various adjustments made to your car’s brakes, steering and ancillary belts for example.


    Important Information

1. The Ford BlueService offer is available to all Ford owners/drivers with Ford passenger vehicles.

2. The Ford BlueService offer consists of a vehicle service conducted to manufacturers standards, and also consists of the following;
Excellent Customer Care
Service Price Match Guarantee
Free Pan-European Roadside Assistance
Free Vehicle Health Check
Check for outstanding Service Actions & Software Updates
Technical Excellence
Free Puncture Repair & Tyre Condition Check
Free fitment of Wiper Blades & Bulbs
Ford Genuine Parts Warranty
Free Car Wash

3. The Ford BlueService offer of free Roadside Assistance is for 12 months or up to the next service schedule, whichever comes first.

4. Your Ford BlueService annual service is carried out as per the manufacturer’s service guidelines, including a free multi-point vehicle inspection. However, depending on the age/mileage of the vehicle, certain model derivatives may require additional service work or parts fitted. 

5. The Ford BlueService offer of free vehicle health check refers to a visual inspection of the vehicle by a Ford trained Technician or Service Advisor. All visible items such as the tyre condition, exterior lights, fluid levels, body & paint check etc. are duly inspected as part of the VHC process

6. The Ford BlueService offer of free check for outstanding Service Actions & Software Updates refers to an inspection of the vehicle’s engineering/warranty history via an online electronic technical information system. Any outstanding safety recalls, service actions or software update relating to the vehicle will be carried out at no cost to the customer.

7. The Ford BlueService offer of free fitment of bulbs does not include Xenon, Internal and LED bulbs.

8. The Ford BlueService offer of Genuine Parts Warranty covers all scheduled maintenance items for twelve months, or up to their next due scheduled replacement, whichever comes first.

9. The Ford BlueService offer of a free car wash consists of an exterior wash of the vehicle either by hand, power wash or by a conventional water brush system. It does not it include interior cleaning of the vehicle.

10. The Ford BlueService offer of service price match guarantee refers to any service quotation received from any licenced independent, or non-Ford affiliated workshops, offering a service price lower than that of the Dealer’s listed price or the national suggested service price, whichever is lower, using Ford genuine parts and where evidence has been provided that the service includes all of the benefits of the Ford Service. This offer excludes all other Ford Dealers.

11. The Ford BlueService suggested prices are inclusive of VAT @ 13.5%, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other service or parts offer.

12. The Ford BlueService suggested service price is restricted to 4 cylinder petrol (normally aspirated) and 4 cylinder diesel (turbo-charged or normally aspirated) engines up to 2.5 litres. ST, RS models, commercial vehicles and motorhomes are excluded. Please consult with a Service Advisor for a quote on vehicles that fall outside of the terms and conditions of this offer.

13. The Dealership reserves the right to make amendments to the content of the suggested service prices, and the Ford BlueService offer at any time.

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