New Ford Kuga Mayo




Striking, ultra-contemporary design and styling, inside and out. Uncompromising performance and unrelenting efficiency. An impressive list of smart features, systems and technologies. And all the practicality, flexibility and utility you could possibly want.

If you see opportunities where others see obstacles, you’ll see the infinite possibilities presented by the new Ford Kuga.


Ford Kuga SYNC3 with Touchscreen and Voice Control

Technology you can control with your voice


Ford SYNC 3 enables you to stay connected and control your phone, music and navigation system with intuitive voice commands, or an 8” colour touchscreen.

You can even call up a list of local restaurants just by saying “I’m hungry”, or access the Michelin Guide to help you choose and book places to eat, along with hotels.

Wi-Fi connectivity is available via hotspots, with a USB modem. And Ford Emergency Assistance can help call the Emergency Services in the event of an accident.



Stress-free parking and pulling out


Using a combination of different technologies, Active Park Assist does more than automatically steer you into parking spots. With Park Out Assist, it helps you pull out of them, too.

The Parallel and Perpendicular Parking system locates a suitable space as you drive past. Then it automatically steers you in, while all you do is operate the accelerator, gears and brake (following clear, simple, on-screen instructions and audible signals).


Ford Kuga interior, steering wheel, centre consol with SYNC 3, front-view camera and automatic gearbox
frozen white Ford Kuga on the road, exterior, rear angle, auto city stop

To avoid low speed collisions, the Ford Kuga brakes for you


Innovative Active City Stop helps to avoid or mitigate a collision in slow-moving traffic or at speeds under 30 mph (50 km/h). If the system detects the car in front has unexpectedly stopped, it automatically applies the brakes.

The epitome of self-assurance


The new Kuga’s design signals that the vehicle is constantly in motion, even when it’s standing still.

And these flowing lines and contours aren’t just there for style, they contribute to the vehicle’s exceptional aerodynamic efficiency, too.

As for the image of confidence, it’s built in.








grey Ford Kuga side angle in front of a building



Distinctive design with stand-out appeal


frozen white Ford Kuga front angle, parking in front of a building



Drive systems to help you, when you’re on a mission


red Ford Kuga front view in the sunset



Rugged, yet sophisticated. Capable, yet comfortable.


red Ford Kuga front view on the road



A face that’s hard to forget.


grey Ford Kuga side view, parking on the street



Bold, confident styling.


grey Ford Kuga rear view in the sunset



Stunning views all round.


grey Ford Kuga exterior, rear view, on the road



Aerodynamics never looked so good.


Ford Kuga side angle, on the road in the sunset



Sit back, relax, enjoy the drive.


grey Ford Kuga parking near a fountain



An imposing presence.


grey Ford Kuga side view, parking near a park and a river



Looks good in any terrain.


grey Ford Kuga side view, parking in front of offices



Muscular, athletic, commanding.


grey Ford Kuga wheel



Considered, purposeful detailing.

Elegant and beautifully crafted


Sophisticated and refined, the cabin of the new Kuga is a beautifully crafted space: a space you and your passengers will enjoy spending time in.








Ford Kuga interior, steering wheel, front seats, automatic gearbox, dashboard and centre console with SYNC 3



A space you’ll want to spend time in.


Ford Kuga interior, front seats, wteering wheel, centre console with SYNC 3



Premium, partial leather-trimmed front seats.


Ford Kuga spacious interior, front seats



Soft-touch surfaces and smart detailing.


Ford Kuga interior, front seats and panoramic roof



Let natural light in with a Panorama roof.


Ford Kuga interior, stowage area, boot space, cupholder and electronic parking brake



A clever electronic parking brake.


Ford Kuga interior, Easy-fold rear seats



Up to 1,603L capacity.


Ford Kuga spacious interior, front seats, steering wheel, centre console



Room to spare. Space to enjoy.


Ford Kuga interior with blue ambient lighting, front seats, steering wheel and center console with SYNC 3



Every control, intuitively close to hand.


Ford Kuga interior, steering wheel, front seats and centre console with SYNC 3



SYNC 3 with 8” Touchscreen.


Ford Kuga interior, rear seats



Plenty of room for rear passengers.


Ford Kuga interior, dashoard



Clear, ultra-modern instruments.


Ford Kuga interior, steering wheel, front seats, automatic gearbox, centre console with SYNC 3



Clean, uncluttered cabin layout.


Ford Kuga interior, front seat, steering wheel and dashboard



Take the wheel and take charge.


Ford Kuga interior, trim detail



Beautifully crafted, elegantly detailed.


Ford Kuga interior, heated steering wheel and dashboard



Heated steering wheel for your comfort.



Wheels that enhance the sports utility look


A range of striking wheel options are designed for comfortable driving, sporty performance and a powerful appearance.


Ford Kuga wheel, 16” 5-spoke Hub Cap  (D2YCA)



16” 5-spoke Hub Cap


Ford Kuga wheel, 17” 5x2-spoke Sparkle Silver alloy (D2YDN)



17” 5x2-spoke Sparkle Silver alloy


Ford Kuga wheel, 17” 5x2-spoke Sparkle Silver alloy (D2YDP)



17” 5x2-spoke Sparkle Silver alloy


Ford Kuga wheel, 18” 5-spoke Sparkle Silver Machined alloy (D2UEK)



18” 5-spoke Sparkle Silver Machined alloy


Ford Kuga wheel, 18



18" 5x2-spoke Absolute Black Machined alloy wheel


Ford Kuga wheel, 19



19" 5 Y-spoke Lustre Nickel alloy wheel


Ford Kuga wheel, 19



19" 5x2-spoke Absolute Black Machined alloy wheel


Ford Kuga wheel, 19



19" 5x2-spoke Absolute Black alloy wheel



Which colour do you see yourself in?


Choose from a variety of colours, each designed to suit your image and taste.


Ford Kuga in Guard Grey colour



Guard Grey


Ford Kuga in White Platinum colour



White Platinum
(4-coat Metallic)


Ford Kuga in Deep Impact Blue colour



Deep Impact Blue


Ford Kuga in Moondust Silver colour



Moondust Silver


Ford Kuga in Copper Pulse colour



Copper Pulse


Ford Kuga in Green Instinct colour



Green Instinct


Ford Kuga in Shadow Black colour



Shadow Black


Ford Kuga in Race Red colour



Race Red


Ford Kuga in Magnetic colour





Ford Kuga in Frozen White colour



Frozen White


Ford Kuga in Blazer Blue colour



Blazer Blue


Ford Kuga in Ruby Red colour



Ruby Red
(Tri-coat Metallic)



Beautifully coordinated


Complementary colours, premium quality materials, meticulous attention to detail: all are a given, whichever trim option you select.


Ford Kuga interior trim, Boost and View Fabric in Chromite Grey & Charcoal Black



Boost and View Fabric in Charcoal Black


Ford Kuga interior trim, Salerno Leather in Charcoal Black



Salerno Leather in Charcoal Black


Ford Kuga interior trim, Groove Fabric and Salerno Leather in Chromite Grey & Charcoal Black



Groove Fabric and Salerno Leather in Charcoal Black


Ford Kuga interior trim, Salerno Leather in Medium Light Stone



Salerno Leather in Medium Light Stone


Ford Kuga interior trim, Rapton Suede and Salerno Leather in Ebony & Charcoal Black



Rapton and Salerno Leather in Ebony & Charcoal Black



Grip the wheel take command


Behind the steering wheel of the new Kuga, you’re in charge of a range of systems, features and technologies. All are designed to enhance your every drive. So you’re free to enjoy the experience to the full.


Ford Kuga, intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Confidence in changeable conditions


An available intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system can determine how much grip, cornering balance and responsiveness is required in wet, dry or icy conditions and on varying terrain. The technology is intelligent, so it’s able to send drive to the front or rear axle depending on requirements. And by providing ‘torque on demand’, the system delivers exceptional handling and improved efficiency for safe, effortless driving.


Cruise control that can adapt automatically


With Adaptive Cruise Control technology, you choose the speed you want to drive at and the system will maintain it. If the built-in RADAR sensor detects a vehicle ahead, it will slow the car to maintain a pre-set distance. Once the road in front is clear, the system will accelerate back to your chosen speed.










An advanced system to help you stay in your lane


A Lane Keeping System uses a forward-looking camera to detect if you’re unintentionally drifting out of lane. Lane Keeping Alert then warns you by vibrating the steering wheel and displaying a visual warning. If you're slow to react or don’t respond, Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to help guide you safely back into the right lane. The technology is designed for multi-lane roads (like motorways), so will automatically deactivate at speeds below 43 mph (65 km/h) or can be turned off manually.


Stress-free parking and pulling out


Using a combination of different technologies, Active Park Assist does more than steer you into parallel parking spots. With Park Out Assist, it helps you pull out of them, too. The Perpendicular Parking system can sense if there’s space for your car to fit, then reverse you in. Side Parking Aid also warns you if there are any lateral obstructions.






Ford Kuga exterior, front view, on the road

A camera that’s always looking ahead


A small forward facing camera, located behind the inside rear-view mirror, provides a view looking down the road and in front of the vehicle. This enables the system to identify road signs, lane makings, and light sources from other vehicles. The Forward Camera System supports the following technologies: Lane Keeping Aid, Driver Alert, Auto High Beam and Traffic Sign Recognition.


Ford Kuga interior dashboard, Traffic Sign Recognition

Sees the road signs you might miss


Whether the signs are at the side of the road or above it, permanent or temporary, Traffic Sign Recognition can identify them. An icon of that speed or no-overtaking sign appears on the instrument cluster and changes every time you enter a new limit.


Ford Kuga driver alert

Driver Alert warns you when it detects you’re tired


Driver Alert constantly monitors your driving behaviour and is designed to detect any changes that could be caused by fatigue. If the system identifies you’re becoming less vigilant, a warning icon appears in the display, suggesting you take a break.


Ford Kuga front view in the dark, headlights, auto-high beam

Auto High Beam. Helping you see, without dazzling others


A useful night-driving aid, Auto High Beam temporarily dips your headlights when it detects oncoming traffic or a vehicle ahead, stopping you dazzling other drivers. Then it automatically reverts back to high beam, giving you maximum visibility. Auto High Beam is available as an option with Lane Keeping Aid/Alert.


frozen white Ford Kuga rear view, on the road in the night

Headlamps that help you see around bends


Adaptive lighting with Ford Bi-Xenon headlamps deliver a precise and intensely bright light pattern that is automatically adjusted to suit different road and driving conditions. Day time running lights are also included. In addition, Glare Free High Beam adjusts itself automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers and by following the road, these new headlamps help you see more clearly when driving around bends.


Ford Kuga centre console, rear-view camera

Easier reversing


Bollards, benches, low walls…The rear view camera shows whatever’s behind you on a screen built into the centre console. The system activates automatically when you select reverse gear and using virtual guidelines can help you park in the smallest of spaces.


Ford Kuga SYNC 3 with voice control and 8

Integrated navigation makes sure you get there


As part of its SYNC 3 with voice control and 8" touchscreen, the new Ford Kuga has a fully integrated satnav system with DAB audio. This responds to real-time road speed and the latest traffic conditions to deliver more accurate estimated arrival times and trip information.


Ford Kuga side view, wheels, parking distance sensors

Sensors that take the stress out of parking


Parking distance sensors help you judge the distance between your vehicle and obstacles, both in front and behind you. When the sensors detect an object, they activate an audible warning that intensifies the closer you get to it.


Ford Kuga wing mirror, Blind Spot Information System

Mirrors that see what you can’t see


A Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) can help you change lanes. That’s because RADAR sensors scan the blind spots on either side of your Ford. And if they detect a vehicle, an orange light that’s clearly displayed in the corresponding side door mirror illuminates to warn you. BLIS also features a completely new technology, Cross Traffic Alert.


Ford Kuga Cross Traffic Alert

Spots the vehicles you might miss


When you’re reversing out of a space and have limited visibility of the traffic situation, Cross Traffic Alert (part of the Blind Spot Information System) can detect oncoming vehicles and sound a warning. The technology illuminates a light in the wing mirror too: left or right depending on the direction of oncoming traffic.


copper pulse Ford Kuga centre console, side view, parking in the forest

Extra control during hill starts


Hill Start Assist temporarily stops you rolling backwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 3 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator.



Performance you’ll relish, efficiency you’ll appreciate


Potent performance and smooth responsiveness matched by outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions: the new Kuga delivers it all in one precision engineered package.


Ford Kuga 1.5L EcoBoost petrol engine

More performance, more efficiency


The new Kuga is powered by the 1.5L EcoBoost petrol engine, available with 3 different power outputs: 120PS, 150PS and 182PS. The engine gives you all the power you’d expect from a conventional 1.6L engine, but achieves a combined fuel consumption of 6.3 l/100 km* with emissions of just 143 g/km* of CO2. Direct fuel injection, turbocharging and twin independent variable cam timing combine to deliver performance that’s smooth, responsive and rewarding.

*Ford test figures (front wheel drive with manual transmission, 120PS version).


A range of diesel options


Prefer diesel? Then choose from a 1.5L TDCi or 2.0L TDCi. Both incorporate the latest engine technology to improve power, torque and economy, while lowering emissions. The 1.5L TDCi provides a power output of 120 PS, whilst the 2.0L TDCi delivers 150 PS or an even more potent 180 PS.


Ford Kuga 1.5L TDCi or 2.0L TDCi engine





Use less fuel with Auto-Start-Stop


When you stop at traffic lights or your car is idling in a queue, this technology can automatically switch off the engine while still supplying power to essentials like the headlights, the fan, radio and the Ford SYNC system. When you're ready to move just depress the clutch, or release the foot brake on an automatic, and the system restarts. Auto-Start-Stop is particularly effective in towns and cities, where it can cut fuel consumption by up to 10% (urban cycle).


grey Ford Kuga exterior, rear view, on the road

Engines that meet strict standards


Whatever engine you choose for your Kuga, it will meet Euro Stage 6 emission standards. For petrol engines, Stage 6 emission standards mean the engine can produce no more than: 1.0? g/km of carbon monoxide, 0.10 g/km of hydrocarbon, 0.06 g/km of nitrogen oxides and 0.005 g/km of atmospheric particulate matter.* ?

*Applies only to engines with direct injection.


Ford Kuga 6-speed manual gearbox

Swift, manual gear changes


A 6-speed manual gearbox has a high torque capacity and delivers smooth, swift and acc

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